Immigration Services

Immigrating and relocating abroad has always been a complex, time-consuming process. Besides the basic paperwork and documentation; the logistics of how, where and with who you will live, the whole process is riddled with seemingly difficult and confusing procedures.

Immigrating to become a permanent resident of any country, is a long and demanding process with many things to consider. Permits and certifications, background checks, finances and wealth management, real estate and insurance, business planning or life goals, the well-being of your family, these are all important aspects you need to follow up through with clarity and timely delivery, for a better future for you and your family.

Not only do we advice you; map your profile to the right options that you can avail and pursue; prepare your application and provide training and support for your face-to-face interviews with immigration authorities, we can provide additional immigration services to entrepreneurs, investors and skilled workers, such as real estate and financial services, guidance on where to establish your business projects, business strategy consulting, life coaching, and more.

On-Arrival Services: Candidates who avail our Immigration services are received by our company representatives(CR) at the destination airport. Our CRs will help candidates get accustomed to the country on arrival, including services such as suggesting telecom providers for daily use, help with finding apartments, provide admissions support for their kids, open up bank accounts and guidance with healthcare facilities, general administrative procedures such as obtaining driving license, understanding taxes, home utility services etc. All we ask for in return, is your good words of recommendation to your friends and family post your arrival to your destination of choice. 

Australia’s economic resilience and potential provide a safe, low-risk environment in which people can pursue career options or do business.

Australia’s medium- and long-term growth outlook is supported by its increasingly strong ties to the rapidly growing Asian region. By 2020, the regional economy is expected to account for 43 per cent of global output.

New Zealand

New Zealanders believe life is for living. It’s about balancing a good day’s work with time for family and friends.

HSBC's 2015 Expat Explorer survey ranked New Zealand second in the world for work-life balance (and first for 'Quality of Life'). Overall, they voted New Zealand the second most popular place on earth for expats to live and work. 

Canada has been accepting about quarter of a million new Permanent Residents each year. For people with skills, work experience and a good standard of English or French, qualifying for residence is not a huge barrier.

Once accepted, you can take pleasure from the fact that you will be free to live permanently in a country consistently rated by the UN as the world’s best country to live in.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong's open and internationally-focused economy has a range and quality of opportunities that are unmatched in the region. Hong Kong-based firms have been instrumental in supporting Asia's major growth areas with capital, procurement, logistical services, management expertise and quality assurance.

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As a country built on the founding principles of Freedom and Opportunity;  USA offers un-precedented scope for academics, work and life. 

Immigrants have often stuck gold, charted success stories that are today inspiration for a million other to live forward. 


Singapore has a strong tradition of welcoming professionals from all over the world to work and live in the city. The country is dedicated to long-term investments in education and infrastructure. Over the years, Singapore has built up an international reputation as a hub for worldclass education and research.

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St.Kitts & Nevis

The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis has a long running “Citizenship-by-investment” program attracting foreigners, who make a substantial contribution to the development of the country. Investors along with any family members, can directly qualify for citizenship through investment, either by making a  donation or investment in real estate purchase.

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  • Australia: Our partner company employs MARA registered agents.

  • New Zealand: Our partner company in NZ employs licensed immigration advisors

  • Canada: We work with Regulated Immigration Consultants

  • We are IATA (International Air Transport Association) certified

  • We are a member of TAAI (Travel Agents Association of India)

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DISCLAIMER: We are not part of the Australian, Canadian, UK or any country’s government. We are a private limited company registered in India working with Registered Immigration Attorneys in various countries. We do not have the authority to grant you a Visa of any kind. The final decision on all Visa applications rests with the appropriate government authority in the country to which you are seeking to migrate.

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