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Express Entry-linked streams in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick open, rewarding those who proactively pre

The importance of proactive preparation was highlighted in recent days with the opening of Express Entry-linked streams in the Atlantic Canada provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

A successful application under either of these streams results in an Express Entrycandidate obtaining an additional 600 points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and being prioritized for an Invitation to Apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia announced last Friday, April 27, that it would open Category B of its Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Stream (NSDEE) the following day to 350 applications, leaving those interested in applying only 24 hours to prepare.

Given this window, many applicants who prepared the required documents — which can number upwards of 30 — in advance were well positioned to act during this one day window of opportunity.

Category B of the NSDEE, which re-opened Saturday, accepted application from eligible Express Entry candidates with the required amount of work experience in one of Nova Scotia’s current opportunity occupations and who scord at least 67 points on Nova Scotia’s unique points system, among other criteria. No job offer is required under this category and there is no mandatory minimum CRS score.

The NSDEE operates on a first-come, first-served basis and typically reaches it intake limit soon after it opens, and the April 28 intake was no exception. After opening around 9 a.m., it reached its quota and closed to new applications that afternoon.

Being proactively prepared can therefore be a potential advantage for anyone hoping to apply to Category B of the NSDEE. It can also help applicants avoid rushing and making errors that the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) says will result in an application being rejected.

“It is your responsibility to submit all requested documents,” the NSNP states in its application guide. “If documents are missing, not signed, not translated by a certified translator, or not clear, your application will not be assessed.”

New Brunswick

The province of New Brunswick also reopened its Express Entry-linked Labour Market Stream to new Expressions of Interest on May 1.

The stream is open to Expressions of Interest from eligible candidates who meet the eligibility criteria for the Express Entry system’s Federal Skilled Worker Class and score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 in the FSWC selection factors.

Like Nova Scotia, this New Brunswick stream does not require a Canadian job offer or a minimum CRS score.

Those interested must also have work experience in one of 14 priority occupations and must have attended one of the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program’s information sessions in the previous 24 months (since April 30, 2016), among other criteria.

Express Entry candidates who are living abroad and are interested in immigrating to New Brunswick could therefore stand to benefit from educating themselves on the dates and locations of these information sessions and arranging to attend one.

Furthermore, New Brunswick indicates it will be opening this stream on the first day of each month until an unspecified quote is reached, meaning eligible candidates who are best prepared may have the best chance of succeeding.

“One thing these PNPs have in common is that they reward proactive, informed candidates,” said Attorney David Cohen, senior partner at the Campbell, Cohen Canadian immigration law firm in Montreal. “If you are interested in immigration to either of these provinces, keep your eye on these Express Entry-linked streams, and get busy preparing those documents.”

The first step towards applying under the Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry stream is to enter the Express Entry pool.

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