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Documents for Overseas Admissions

Studying abroad is an aspiration for many students in India. Due to the flexibility of cross-cultural educational facilities available across the globe today, more and more young aspirants are pursuing their overseas education opportunities. Governments too have brought in place programs to encourage international students to come over and pursue their academic dreams.

Foreign students have greater chance to enjoy better work exposure and opportunities. However, to avail all these new opportunities, there are certain standard procedures that are needed to be followed.

First, being the list of documents that are required for pursuing overseas admissions.

These documents are mandatory to fulfill and absolutely necessary to successfully gain admissions overseas -

  • Admission form - From the University/College seeking admission to.

  • Statement of purpose - A brief write-up with respect to future goal and objectives regarding your course and carrier.

  • Detailed CV/resume - containing your academic / professional details should be presented.

  • Academic recommendation or reference letters - Detailing the qualities, capabilities and characteristics of the applicant who is being recommended. The letter of recommendation is basically written related to admissions to institutions, employment or scholarship eligibility.

  • Experience Letters - If you have gathered any work experience, then displaying a work experience letter is important. Apart from standard procedures, it will aid the decision makers to analyze your area of expertise.

  • Language Assessment - There are multiple language skill testing exams or Assessments (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc.,) that one can to take before applying in any institution abroad. The language test should be based on the country applying to. Chinese Universities might require knowledge of Mandarin, German Universities might require basic knowledge in German and so forth.

  • Qualifying Score Card - Courses like MBA in USA or Europe require GMAT, so submission of the mark sheet of such competitive exam is essential to the admission process. Apart from this, mark sheets related to your total educational qualifications; from your school certificates to your degree/diploma; all relevant documents must be submitted.

  • Extra-Curricular Certificates - Overseas colleges and universities require valid written documents related to any extracurricular activities. These certificates will also aid in giving an extra edge at the time of seeking admissions.

  • Valid Passport - For you to travel abroad, passport is mandatory.

  • Photographs -Recent photographs, at least 12 in number.

  • Auxiliary Documentation - Any auxiliary documentation relevant to scholarships, fellowships, scientific organisation memberships, research papers etc go a long way in securing your admissions slot. For those who are being sponsored, do display the sponsor letter to avoid future confusions.

  • Visa Form - Submitting your visa form is mandatory. Without proper submission for your visa form, it is not possible to move forward with the admission process.

Now that you know about the list of documents required for overseas admissions, we hope that you get admission in the university or institute of your choice and enjoy your experience.

Studying abroad has multiple benefits for students. The foremost is to experience and learn about new cultures. It allows one to adapt and grow accordingly. Apart from that, every country follows different techniques of teaching and foreign students have the opportunity to learn things in a whole new way.

By visiting new places and meeting new people, ones personality changes in a positive way. One becomes more outspoken and confident. This helps a lot in career advancement later. Moreover, studying abroad surely betters the opportunity to visit other nearby countries. For example, students studying in France can often travel to different parts of Europe, London, and Barcelona. This certainly increases the chance of enhancing ones knowledge and life experiences.

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