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Now Australia Citizenship test will test you on how well you know Australian way of life.

Henceforth, people aspiring for citizenship of Australia would need to prove that they have adapted to the Australian way of life as well as its social values. Earlier, such aspirants were questioned on the political structure, duties of citizen, election and the parliament of Australia.

SBS cites Peter Dutton, Immigration Minister, as telling The Australian that overhauling the citizenship test for Australia was a debate that they could afford to have, with the federal government trying out measures to put an end to an exploitation of migration pathways.

According to him, greater emphasis on the ability of individuals to adapt to the Australian society, which includes the aspirants’ inclination to learn English, educating their children and potential welfare dependence and employment prospects were what he wanted to see.

Dutton added that it was his view that people who do not adopt these concrete values should not be expecting citizenship automatically.

Earlier, Daily Telegraph is said to have reported that a tougher new test would most likely replace the current citizenship test, which includes 20 multiple-test questions, in a bid to prevent extremists from becoming Australian citizens. Included in the new test would be questions asking migrants if they were employed, in addition to if their children were regularly attending school and if their spouses were taking English lessons.

As of now, applicants are being given citizenship of the country Down Under if there were no records of criminal convictions against them.

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